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CA-2102005-A1: Methode et appareil a jet d'encre pour impression en noir et en couleurs patent, CA-2102115-A1: Methode de determination in vitro d'accidents thrombotiques in vivo patent, CA-2102676-A1: Recyclage de polyolefines revetues d'un polymere contenant du chlore patent, CA-2103225-A1: Oxygen Removal from Partially Purified Nitrogen patent, CA-2103244-A1: Verres fluores patent, CA-2103318-A1: Simultaneous determination of hba1 and haemoglobin variants with a glycation analogous to hba1 patent, CA-2103559-A1: Melanges de polymere vinylique et polysiloxane patent, CA-2104464-A1: Micropin connector system patent, CA-2105024-A1: Method for increasing the internal bulk of wet-pressed tissue patent, CA-2108707-A1: Esters of l-carnitine and alkanoyl l-carnitines with glycolic acid or esters thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing same for treating dermatoses patent, CA-2109034-A1: Washerless pressure balancing valve patent, CA-2109421-A1: Improvements to building construction methods and materials patent, CA-2111090-A1: Catalytic Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer patent, CA-2111736-A1: Controle en surface de la pression dans l'annulaire patent, CA-2112176-A1: Greeting card with compatible puzzle message patent, CA-2112667-A1: Monoclonal antibodies to putative hcv ns5 proteins and methods for using same patent, CA-2113161-A1: Dispositif de levage de materiel tubulaire de fond patent, CA-2113267-A1: Visual signalling device for traffic lanes patent, CA-2113421-A1: Batterie secondaire et sa methode de fabrication patent, CA-2113820-A1: Contact Lens Cleaning and Disinfecting System patent, CA-2114097-A1: Appareil de coupe pour stores a mini-lamelles patent, CA-2114098-A1: Enlevement des sediments dans les reservoirs de stockage patent, CA-2114290-A1: Dispositif anti-adhesif post-chirurgical patent, CA-2114372-A1: Braking device particularly for skates patent, CA-2115626-A1: Biomedical Electrode Having a Secured One-Piece Conductive Terminal patent, CA-2116153-A1: Hanging Cloth Attaching Device patent, CA-2116230-A1: Equipment and method for cooling metal strips patent, CA-2116418-A1: Materiaux moulables comprenant des substances recyclables patent, CA-2116650-A1: Process for making an adhesive dressing patent, CA-2116690-A1: Methode et dispositif de detection de mouvements patent, CA-2117145-A1: Lavage a l'ammoniac-chaux avec sous-produit a applications agricoles patent, CA-2117958-A1: Method and furnace construction to be used in processes for producing easily volatile metals patent, CA-2119484-A1: Optically anisotropic material, process for producing it, and retardation plate and liquid crystal display device using same patent, CA-2120229-A1: Methylpiperazinoazepine derivatives, their preparation and their use patent, CA-2122033-A1: Methode pour l'obtention de non-tisses touffetes et lies pour tapis; le tapis ainsi obtenu patent, CA-2122463-A1: Method of insulating a spa using a flexible insulation blanket patent, CA-2123268-A1: Robinet de distribution patent, CA-2124613-A1: Procede pour creer des films de reference pour le comptage de fibres d'amiante ou synthetiques patent, CA-2125326-A1: Miranda spinning wheel patent, CA-2125389-A1: Methode d'acces direct pour systeme de radiocommunication mobile patent, CA-2125641-A1: Wall system patent, CA-2125923-A1: Medicine ball patent, CA-2126199-A1: Dispositif a cristaux liquides et sa methode d'attaque, afficheur a cristaux liquides et dispositif d'eclairage patent, CA-2126409-A1: Autofold assembly for a multiple section draw bar patent, CA-2126483-A1: Confiserie alveolaire en grains; procede de fabrication patent, CA-2127196-A1: Longeron pour chassis patent, CA-2127524-A1: Two-cycle, air cooled uniflow gasoline engine for powering a portable tool patent, CA-2127849-A1: Module for rapid interconnection of two monopair telephone lines patent, CA-2128025-A1: Preparation d'un sel d'acide gras alcalin patent, CA-2128060-A1: Raccord de tuyaux patent, CA-2129855-A1: Pressurized gas packagings using polyoxyethylene glyceryl-oleates patent, CA-2129931-A1: Conveying Means for Sheet Layers patent, CA-2130056-A1: Streamlab hydraulic demonstration flume patent, CA-2131343-A1: Raccord modulaire pour rail de convoyeur patent, CA-2131717-A1: Methode et systeme de modification automatique des affichages graphiques utilisant les modifications dans un programme de controle patent, CA-2132469-A1: Hockey stick locking device patent, CA-2132498-A1: Recording and/or reproducing apparatus for a cartridge accommodating a recording medium and an eject mechanism thereof patent, CA-2132709-A1: Transformateur a colonnes ameliore patent, CA-2132965-A1: Rapid hypersensitive flowthrough immunodetection system patent, CA-2133435-A1: External skin treatment agent composition containing isocarbacyclins as active ingredient patent, CA-2133926-A1: Sparse array structures patent, CA-2134203-A1: Geocell with facing panel patent, CA-2135714-A1: Systeme de lancement de grenades fumigenes pour vehicule blinde patent, CA-2136064-A1: Culottes de proprete jetables patent, CA-2136390-A1: Antenna pedestal patent, CA-2137080-A1: Composition modifiant la lumiere patent, CA-2137476-A1: Dispositif de formation d'images et element de formation d'images utilise dans ce dispositif patent, CA-2137713-A1: Methode de preparation de diurethanes et leur utilisation pour la preparation de diisocyanates patent, CA-2138309-A1: Vetement d'hopital protegeant bien le corps patent, CA-2139339-A1: Method of inhibiting viral replication patent, CA-2139365-A1: Masked polyisocyanates; process for preparing the same and process for preparing polymers from said masked polyisocyanates patent, CA-2139725-A1: Compositions endoparasiticides patent, CA-2139744-A1: Sous-systeme de securisation de trajets pour postes de travail patent, CA-2139867-A1: Ensemble de timbres autocollants pour guichet automatique patent, CA-2140414-A1: Integral Disk Type Inverter-Stacker and Stapler with Sheet Stacking Control patent, CA-2141012-A1: Method for living-tissue preservation and perfusate therefor patent, CA-2141322-A1: Method and Apparatus for Providing Power to a Coaxial Cable Network patent, CA-2141568-A1: Oligomerisation d'olefines patent, CA-2141996-A1: Methode et materiel pour la fabrication de reliures patent, CA-2142570-A1: Color panel display device patent, CA-2143525-A1: Optical point level sensor with lens patent, CA-2143685-A1: Pcmcia standard memory card package patent, CA-2143915-A1: Lance d'arrosage en materiau composite patent, CA-2144017-A1: Dispositif anti-chocs pour feux de signalisation patent, CA-2144159-A1: Derives d'(amino-3 phenyl)-1 ethanesulfonate d'alkylammonium optiquement actifs, sa preparation et son utilisation patent, CA-2144268-A1: Systeme de codage et de decodage de signaux patent, CA-2145008-A1: Flush tank control valve patent, CA-2145069-A1: Recuperation de phenols a partir de solutions faiblement concentrees, a l'aide de sulfate de sodium patent, CA-2146455-A1: Degradation des acides nucleiques par les peroxydes pour reduire la viscosite patent, CA-2146478-A1: Oxopyridinylquinoxaline derivative patent, CA-2147617-A1: Medium-chain thioesterases in plants patent, CA-2150072-A1: Metal strip casting patent, CA-2150175-A1: Outil et methode de pulverisation de boue abrasive patent, CA-2150325-A1: Multiphase flow meter patent, CA-2150609-A1: Pyrimidine Derivatives and Pharmaceutical Composition patent, CA-2150881-A1: Coolable Lining for a High-Temperature Gasification Reactor patent, CA-2151228-A1: Crosslinking agents for polymeric adhesives patent, CA-2151388-A1: Tyre, rim, supporting ring and assembly comprising same patent, CA-2151574-A1: Composition capillaire comprenant une dispersion aqueuse de polymeres patent, CA-2151587-A1: Process for promoting the differenciation of plant cells during culture patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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